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I think this post is an incredibly honest and eloquent look at what some of us go through when we feel mania coming on and some of the behaviors we exhibit that can be confusing to other people. Thanks for sharing this, Zoe! Sending my support your way! -LB

Originally posted on VOLATILE STABILITY:

According to my notes, my last little manic episode began on Feb. 16th and crashed on Feb. 23rd — which means the depression phase has lasted 5 days. I already feel the inklings of mania tickling the fringes of my mind. My ideas are once again vividly colorful, boldly saturated and I am starting to sink into that “I can do anything feeling” that in my particular case is highly destructive. I think something in the current medicine cocktail isn’t working out. Maybe it’s the Zoloft. Latuda had been doing wonderfully with the Xanax for my panics. But you — Zoloft — you’re the third wheel in this equation.

Things I want to do:

  • Get a tattoo.
  • Buy game time.
  • Dye my hair red.
  • Wear thick strokes of eyeliner.
  • Start 3 new story ideas.
  • Wear a skirt (I never do.)
  • Go to karaoke.
  • Drink some martinis.
  • Buy more red lipsticks…

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