not my circus

Conflictwoman announced my mother’s death on fb without asking and before I or nextofkin had said anything. She threatened suicide within 24hrs of her death too. My mother’s opinion of her? Nice when not mad. When she informed me that my mother was a lesbian, she just didn’t know it, my hackles rose. I took a big step back for 24hrs or so, so that I wouldn’t react emotionally. Then I engaged calmly. First she apologised and a while later she informed me, in essence, that her pain was as great as mine, she had every right … she thought she could get support from me … passive aggressive codswallop.

Taking her shit is not a new concept in my life. I’ve done it to some extent because she is a wounded soul, and to some extent because her children are very close to my heart. But the kids are grown up and so independent friendships are fine now – and we all have wounds and choices about the scarring. So I’m done with it and, having done some ranting to a friend yesterday, I feel resolved about it as well.


I haven’t replied to her and I have no intention of doing so.

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