The Perfect Day

I thought I’d write a little fantasy post on “the perfect day”.

First of all, I’d have to get ready for the perfect day. It would start at midnight, so I’d have to do some preparation. The day before I’d have my hair done and take the perfect shower. And I’d find the most comfortable clothes I could find (that looked decent) because this would be an active day.

The perfect day would be shared by some other people. I’d drag 15 of my best friends and their significant others with us. Also, my three kids and a guest for each of them. My single girlfriends could bring a friend OR I’d find them a nice, friendly, good looking guy to come along.

Everyone would meet at my house at midnight. We’d have some stretch limos to take us to the airport. I’d remind everyone to bring a small bag with a change of clothes just in case they needed it. On the way to the airport, even though it’s midnight, we’d have some champagne, sandwiches, beer, cosmos, and frosted brownies. brownies 2cosmoOMG, those brownies look good.

So we’re off on the plane and heading to Disneyland.disney 2This will be an experience for everyone to remember.

Oops. I have a good friend who lives by Disneyland. I don’t want to forget her! She and her husband meet us there.

Now, first, let me explain that this will be a FUN day for everyone. No one HAS to do anything. No one has to hang around me or feel obligated to keep up. People can do what they want and just sort of wave hi on occasion. As long as they make it back on time, they are good. I just want everyone to have a great day. We’re going to hand out a little schedule so people know what is available when.

Now, it’s not far to Disneyland, and we are going to wind up there about three in the morning. We’re going to start off with just some free ride time. We’re not going to be all alone in the park (too weird), but there’ll only be a few other groups there. It’ll be open enough for people to ride any rides over and over again. If you want to spend two hours on the teacups, you’re good. Whatever works for you. I have a few favorites and spend lots of time on Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Dumbo, the carousel, and the roller coasters.

When the sun rises, it is beautiful and sunny with a slight breeze.

At about six, we’re going to have the best buffet breakfast ever. Everything really hot and fresh. (I’ve had some blah food at Disney so this will be better!). Hopefully, everyone will come and grab something. I pick the French Toast. Then it’s off for some more rides.

If anyone gets tired (that would be me), they can rest anywhere. We’ll have a kiosk in the center of things with free drinks, water, snacks, and info in case anyone gets lost. I get a green balloon, drag it around a while and give it to a toddler I meet.

At nine, we’re offering some variety. You can head to the hotel spa for a massage, facial, or body treatment. You can head to our suite of rooms and take a shower or nap. You can sit by the pool. You can also keep running around the Park and riding if you like. I choose the spa. I get the aromatherapy massage and the hydrating body wrap.massageNoon is lunch time. We’re setting up a couple of different options. People can either come and have a nice high tea or they can go  for a hamburger hot dog type grill.teaMeanwhile, the spa is still open for treatments and of course, you can still go on rides. All of this is explained on the little schedule everyone got at the beginning of the day. I definitely go for the high tea. There aren’t any men there…I guess they went for the burgers.

Now I’m exhausted and my noon meds are kicking in. I go to find a nice big clean white bed and everyone else has to entertain themselves. Which, let’s face it, should be easy to do at Disneyland. I grab a hot shower and change clothes…am feeling sort of grimy at this point.

The good news is we still have some surprises in store. At two, California Adventure opens, (we’re giving the Magic Kingdom folks a rest!) and we have SHOPPING! All of my girlfriends get a nice little allowance to spend at the stores in Downtown Disney. I manage to crawl out of bed and do some shopping. (I think there is a Sephora there…so it’s make-up time.)

At six, we have a steak and lobster dinner at the hotel. We’ll have lots of drinks and of course, chicken for anyone who needs it. Hopefully, everyone will make this part.

I’m hoping by now that everyone is getting a bit tired as I am exhausted. It’s back to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of more rides and some fireworks. Then it’s back to the limos to get back to the airport.

Almost everyone falls asleep on the plane and they all have smiles on their faces. I’m a nervous flier, but I’m so tired I don’t care.

It WAS the perfect day. Everyone had fun and I didn’t get bipolar a bit. I got to rest and I got to ride my favorite rides. Most importantly, I got to see all of my friends and family have fun. That is the most perfect thing of all.



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