A Congregation of One

A Congregation of One 22 Feb 2015

A member of the parish

“You’re nearer to God in a garden…”

It’s not for nothing that this blog is subtitled “Musings of a British Eccentric”. How many people say: “Hiya, babes!” when they spot a blackbird whilst walking through their local park?

Just for the record, the blackbird was unimpressed.

The above photo was taken this morning, in my garden. For the photographers amongst you, I used a digital “bridge” camera, and fingerless gloves.

I have today off. This is not a given with my current day/night job, so I like to enjoy my Sundays when and whilst I can. I had thought about attending the local Quaker Meeting, as I find associating with the Friends both restful, and inspiring.

Today, however, this is my church:

Less "here is the steeple" than "I'm a little teapot"

Less “here is the steeple” than “I’m a little teapot”

In place of incense, there was the – relatively – fresh air. As for the choir, they sang beautifully. For example, there was:

2015-02-22 09.57.10

If only this collared dove realised I’m vegetarian.

 The nature of my life, and health, means that I spend a lot of time juggling a job with varying, unsocial hours, and the interests and activities that I enjoy, and usually keep me well.

Emphasis on “usually”.

Whilst I love my work, it can be intense. So an early morning escape to some green space – however small, and scruffy – can be make a difference between coping, and thriving.

This is my church. And I thank the gods for it.

What, another teapot? Yep.

What, another teapot? Yep.

I’ve come inside to write this. The advantages of being out in the garden began to be outweighed by the fact I was struggling to feel much sensation in my feet. Time to make a fresh pot of tea, maybe some toast, and do more prep for Saturday’s radio show.

Enjoy your Sunday. And have a lovely day.

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