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So I’m desecrating yet another blog award.

I nabbed this award from my buddy autismthoughts – feel free to go steal it too. And she’s definitely worth a follow. Also, the questions are good. I am totally gonna use this as an excuse for yet another playlist and some wondering and pondering.


… life goes on.

1. What is one thing you would like to do better?
Jeeeeeez there are a bazillion … the only thing I’m satisfied with is my writing. So … uh … I don’t know anymore. Be a better person.
pearl jam – better man I love this band, that man, the tune.
2. If you could get away with committing a crime, would you and what crime would you commit?
I hope i wouldn’t but I would maybe steal all the profits from drug companies, pay their staff fairly and then hand the rest to people like us so we can buy whatever treatment we want. That’d make the crappy facilities and medical people redundant and hopefully they’d vanish in a puff of outraged futility. Bipolar Robin Hood!
An obvious choice, it’s an acoustic version though placebo – meds. I heart Brian Molko very lots much yes.
3. What is your favorite book and why?
Lord of the Rings, because I’ve known and loved it all my life, it’s such an epic and archetypal saga that I can find almost anything in it, the words are lyrical, the world building, storytelling and characters are very real to me. My mother read it aloud, I loved the films (I just have a few minor objections. Okay and maybe a couple of major ones). It gets so much love and geekery worldwide, that it’s become a very cool shared experience and point of reference. I would go and live in Edoras in a heartbeat. I could bore you about LoTR for a long, long time. Nerd? Me?! Yes, totally.
From the BBC radio series about a million years ago (okay, 1981 – I was 11, it was utterly enthralling) gil galad was an elven king.
4. Who is one person you wish you thanked more?
My mother, but I’m glad to say that as an adult, I thanked her quite a lot.
And here is a song that irritated the piss out of her (it’s a good song mum) – from the woman my mother referred to as dildo dido – thank you. Pro tip: the music video is not an episode of extreme home improvement.
5. What would be your ideal vacation?
Tahiti in ten years time.
Okaaaay here is my very favourite Māori song, because it is at least Polynesian. I couldn’t find anything I liked from Tahiti and all the other ones I like from the Pacific Islands are Melanesian. I’ve probably already posted it, I inflict it on as many people as possible. Must be played LOUD. kiri te kanawa – tarakihi. And here is a shitty recording of a rather amazing voice tarakihi sung by sam, aged 11.
6. Who is your favorite person in the world and why?
Oh man, what a question. It has to be the last remaining member of my immediate family, my very beloved nextofkin.
r.e.m. – seven chinese brothers – from a 1938 children’s book, based on a trad Chinese fable.  “Seven Chinese brothers swallowing the ocean”
7. What is one thing your parents did that you do now?
Parent, singular. Mother, obviously. A lot actually, I’m a carbon copy some days. Um. Ranting?  I asked my neighbour, who said that my knowledge reminds her of my mother. An ex said my reclusiveness, love of the colour blue and my need to know and see more.
Obviously I’m avoiding songs by Eminem and Rammstein here … leonard cohen – anthem I love what he says to his audience (the word ‘crowd’ is just not right, in connection with Mister Cohen) before he sings.
8. How long have you been blogging/ reading  blogs?
Since about the year 2000. I started a blog purely for my poetry. I had a blog that was always in the Technorati top 10 back when that mattered, and one that averaged 10k visitors a month later on. I could do it again if I got paid to, but for myself, idgaf. Manic social networking is not good for me.
This is really funny – but please don’t lol at the accent (Tamil Nadu), it’s the song that’s funny. wilbur sargunaraj – the blogging song.
9. What is your favorite instrument?
Cello. Deep, sad, seduces the solar plexus; what’s not to love?
A Nick Drake cover now, the books ft josè gonzalez – cello song – I’d have linked to the original if it didn’t substitute the cello with the flute.
And if you’re up for some melodic and accessible opera, this is sublime “au fond du temple saint” – jussi björling & robert merril (from Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers).
10. What one thing would you say to your younger self?
You’re bipolar, now you don’t have to wait till you’re forty sodding four to find out.
I’m bored with bipolar songs and I’ve posted them all before anyway. Here is a very me sort of a song. r.e.m. – at my most beautiful


I really hope you do.

I feel almost cheerful while I’m writing … then it all falls down again.

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