Clone Wars

clonesThis is one of our assignments from Blogging 101. We had to pick a writing prompt and go for it. I wound up with something like “If you could clone yourself, how would you divide yourself up?”

Wow, I love this prompt! This sounds like a great idea. What could be better? The only problem might be bedtime. I’m not sure I’d have enough beds and all for these people. But then, they’d probably just construct their own beds, right? So here we go. Let’s start off this clone party with the:

PERSONAL APPEARANCE CLONE: Boy, do I need this one. This clone makes sure I look my very best and then some. She loves to go clothes and make-up shopping. She actually has a couple of sales clerks at her favorite clothing stores who call her when new things come in she might like. She makes sure she does a 6 step face care routine morning and night. Her teeth are always flossed, even after restaurant meals. Every inch of her is appropriately moisturized. She goes in for facials, massages, nails, and hair color on a strict schedule. She knows how to apply just the right amount of make-up. Her closet is a thing of beauty and is well organized. She makes sure a perfect outfit is put out for the next day. She wears earrings! She showers!

HUSBAND, KIDS, AND FAMILY CLONE: This clone spends lots of quality time with everyone. She knows all extended family members’ birthdays and comes up with an appropriate well wrapped gift for all occasions. She makes her own Christmas bows. She hikes with her husband and loves to spend time with his friends. If there is a need, she happily plays poker or pitches in to play trivia. She adores rocks and baseball cards. She has her own Star Trek uniform and happily wears it to weirdo conventions. She travels everywhere her husband wants to go. She loves to take her young adult children places. She does all the asking, arranging, and paying. They travel together. She enthusiastically decorates her kids’ apartments as needed. She entertains everyone’s friends. She has intimate meaningful conversations with everyone on a regular basis. (uh-huh).

HOUSE, CRAFTS, COOKING, CAR CLONE: This one washes that car every week whether it needs it or not. She tries to select something clever from Pinterest once a week or so and create it. (She can often give these to the other clone to give as gifts). Her meals are wonderful. She provides a hot and varied breakfast no matter when people leave the house. Lunches are packed for all who require them. Once again, she uses Pinterest to get ideas for creative lunches. She serves a great meal every night with cloth napkins. Sunday dinners are special and she drags out the good china and silver for this. A fresh salad is served with every dinner and plenty of vegetables are on hand if someone doesn’t like meat. The house is of course, clean, but more importantly, a thing to behold. The colors are soothing and everyone instantly feels welcome. There’s not a pet hair anywhere. (The pets are shaved weekly!) All sheets and towels and rugs match. Her kitchen towels all have a color theme.

TRAVEL CLONE: This one just travels. She has a budget, sure, but it is generous. She plans, organizes, invites friends to go along if desired, and makes sure things run smoothly. She keeps a running list of places to visit. She does have matching luggage. She has no fear of flying. She has a great camera and uses it. She creates photo books for people as gifts. She has a large map in her work area with little colored pins in it so you know where she has been. I would travel like this girl.

HEALTH, EXERCISE, EATING RIGHT CLONE: This one immediately loses weight so she looks good in gym clothes. She works out at the gym one hour per day in the morning. She later walks a couple of miles with a dog in tow. She eats lots of those vegetables that are available from the other clone. She does NOT eat sugar or drink diet soda. She sees all doctors needed promptly. She behaves herself.

RELIGION, CHARITY, AND VOLUNTEER CLONE: This clone is a nice one. She never misses church and goes to a study one day during the week. She works at the food bank. She reads the Bible and does her devotional reading every day. She does not like “50 Shades of Grey”. She celebrates each religious holiday to the fullest. She networks with other women of like mind and rarely lays on the couch.

ENTERTAINMENT CLONE: This one is sort of a slug. She lays on the couch and binge watches shows. She also does the same with audiobooks. She pays attention to what is in town and will go to see concerts and plays that interest her. She sees all new movies promptly if they have decent reviews. By the time the Academy Awards have come around, she has seen all of the ones nominated for best picture. She also hikes, plays mini-golf, and bowls. (Okay, maybe she could expand a bit here….)

WRITING AND FRIEND CLONE: This one writes as much as she wants. The only other job she has is to keep up a good relationship with her friends, which is easy because they are all nice people. She attends writers’ seminars and things and generally has a good time. She is a loyal friend, keeps up with all the kids and grandkids of friends, and makes a fuss over friends’ birthdays.

BIPOLAR CLONE: Oh, crap! I forgot about her. She spends her time getting depressed and laying on the couch. She cries. She organizes and takes all her medicine. She sees her psych doctors. She goes to her support group. When she feels good, she gives presentations on mental illness to various groups. She also gets manic. When she does, she doesn’t need all these other clones cause she does it all herself. She also writes a BLOG!

So there you have it…the many clones of Lily:)

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