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Interesting articles for us and them – no need to be bipolar to find some of these relevant.

He’s also “not jumping on tables in the nude or anything…it just bubbles away inside of me and I know where I’m at and what I need to do to keep it in balance.”
The depression has obviously given him a more authentic emotional range, but it’s his candour and compassion which impresses the most.
Channel 7’s Winter star Matt Nable says the secret to his showbiz success is bipolar

I don’t know whether his meds are working very well, or his bipolar is at the milder end of the spectrum.  I think the next article, despite a glaring typo, is spot on and that both sufferers and muggles should read it.


Keep in mind that recognizing these symptoms correctly is important to reveal the real nature of a bipolar disease. Improper diagnosis can lead to prolong or lifetime suffering. Bipolar patients often seek advice from professionals when depression attacks them without disclosing their manic behaviors on the other end of things.  The impact is that they often do not get an accurate diagnosis and abandon medications as well during manic episodes. The patient often links their manic episodes with normalcy or happiness.
The importance of recognising bipolar symptoms

When it is more than depression – recognising bipolar symptoms in youth.


Bipolar and schizophrenia are both neurotoxic disorders.

Neuroanatomical commonalities are evident among patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and BD-I with working memory deficits. Reduced inferior frontal lobe volume may mediate cognitive deficits shared across the psychosis-mood spectrum.

People who call psychiatry pseudo science need to read the above research paper and then explain why they’re bleating that we ought not to be on them turrible psych meds …. well, muggles, we’d prefer to stop bits of our brains shrinking, neurotransmitters being decimated and the very real effects we can expect otherwise.

And this one, Cognitive impairments in psychotic disorders: common mechanisms and measurement.

Those two links are yet more proof that telling people like me to think positive and pull myself together, when I am already doing everything I can, is offensively absurd.


A look at better clinical trials –

On the same subject, Stanford is currently recruiting healthy control participants for the following bipolar studies:
Early Intervention Using Family Focused Therapy for Youth at Risk for Bipolar Disorder
Brain Connectivity and Mindfulness Training in Youth with Bipolar Disorder NOS
Effects of Group Cognitive Behavioral Intervention on Stress-Induced Inflammatory Response in Youth at High Risk for Bipolar Disorder?
Therapy for Teens with Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Neurobiologic and Immunologic Markers in Youth with Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS)
Resilience in Offspring of Parents with Mood Disorders

There is also a list of current and past research, which no longer require participants. Loads more info, requirements and contact details on the site.


cannabis might make you bipolar – or trigger existing genetic predisposition, or exacerbate symptoms.

I fail to see why there’s gender specificity in the next one.

Women reported negative illness consequences relating to stigma, loss of self-determination and changes to relationships. They employed various strategies in order to cope with illness. Barriers to strategy use and clinical recommendations are presented.
psychosis & bipolar in women

Bipolar opposites: his driving and my fasting
See Change ambassador Sarah Bredin writes about how inaccurate representation of bipolar disorder can make it much more challenging to be open

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