Just Visiting


I like to cruise around the blogosphere and see what the heck is out there. Uh, there’s a a lot. And I usually only hang around bipolar, depression, wedding, and quilting topics. (No, I am not getting married and I don’t quilt.)

Here is a post from a blog called Absolutely Uncontrolled. I am thinking this is the author’s first post. I like the way it deals with disclosure of the blog to family members. Very short, but powerful for me.

This post brought back the feelings I had when I first decided to write. Should I invite all in to read? Or just strangers? Or a few trusted friends? It was a tough decision. Even my husband and kids don’t know lots of what goes on with me in my bipolar world. And some of the crazy things that have happened…..no, I, like the author, would prefer strangers to friends and family.

I did, however, allow my best friend on the site. She is also a writer. She helps me with ideas and gives me feedback. Sometimes I write about her. But we made an agreement. I was to write as though she was not reading it….as though no one was looking over my shoulder. This has worked well.

Here is a post on a short stay in a mental hospital. I love the picture on this.

A little snippet from the blog A Bipolar’s Reality giving you a typical chunk of a day with a new med.

And from Bipolar Balance, some fun thoughts on meds and their side effects.

Just a short cruise around on a Thursday.

Have a good one.



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