The Rock Show


This is a rock!

If you are looking for an Aerosmith concert description here, you are in the wrong place. I mean seriously the wrong place.

When I say “rock show” that’s exactly what I mean. A show full of rocks. And rocks, and rocks, and more rocks.

Well, let me back up a little. I knew this thing was coming. Since I went last year. And this was one of the highlights of my husband’s year. Sort of a Disneyland experience for him. As last week went along I was dreading it. And I wasn’t feeling too good to start with.

On Thursday of last week, I had set up a date to go and have afternoon tea with a friend of mine. This is Tammy, a girl I met through NAMI. She has serious depression and is as kind as they come. I woke up on Thursday with severe anxiety. I couldn’t move. I took two Klonopin and cancelled on her. I felt like the worst kind of scumbag, but she was so gracious about it. So the whole weekend started off like crap.

Friday morning I woke up and my husband was zipping around the house singing because it was time to get up and pack to go to the ROCK SHOW! I. DID. NOT. WANT. TO. GO. I begged and pleaded to be left at home with my daughter for the weekend. No go. My husband was pretty firm. I was going. But oh my god, my couch looked good! I crawled to the shower and my husband stood watch in case I tried to escape. (He was singing about rocks all this time, of course!) I showered, got dressed, and dried my hair. I threw some stuff in a duffel bag and was ready. I have a travel toiletry bag I keep ready and I just threw that in. And I don’t wear a lot of make up to a rock show.

My husband’s friend showed up. Kenneth. If I think my husband is cheerful, this guy is worse. I’ve known him like thirty years and have never seen him in a bad mood. He knows a lot about everything but will only tell you if you ask. When the kids were little we could always count on him to help with the woodworking, leather stuff, and the derby cars in Scouts. Of course he loves rocks.

So we’re off for a two hour drive to the rock show. I had my trusty headphones and audiobook which calmed me down a great deal. (I am getting addicted to getting through books on audio instead of visually. Much easier with the bipolar.)

Now there are something like 23 venues of rock displays at this thing. So we stop at one and start looking. And I mean looking. And it was hot. But I dutifully looked over everything and made appropriate comments.

I had decided early on I could not do this dumb rock stuff if I had no goal. I have a friend who has a grandson who is starting to collect rocks. So I figured I’d pick up a few things for him. (He has a sister who is bipolar, BTW, so I know he suffers, too.) Once I had a goal in mind it was better.

We spent about 4 hours at the first venue and headed to the hotel. The guys (my son was along too) decided to go out to eat and see a movie. I was invited of course, but all I could see was that nice big clean bed. I tucked in with some snacks, my audiobook and computer and some Klonopin and happily spent the night.

The venues didn’t open the next day till 10, so we slept in a bit. We ate breakfast at the hotel and got on the road. I was dreading today. A full day of rocks. Yes, they had gems and jewelry, but well, I don’t wear a ton of jewelry and I have some. And it is pricey. So it’s basically rocks. But some are pretty rocks. It’s just that after two hours or so they all look the same. But not to my husband and Kenneth. Each one needs to be picked up, handled and admired. ACK!

We sat down to eat lunch and I quickly devised a plan. I decided I would talk them into dropping me back at the hotel and I could rest for the afternoon. They were really cooperative about it and back I went to the bed and audiobook. Things were looking up.

Yesterday was hell day. My feet hurt before we started. We got going about nine and today was PURCHASE day…no more looking. Oh boy. We had backpacks, but rocks are heavy. I finally volunteered to take the shuttle back to the parking area with all the backpacks and unload them at the car. I got a lot of brownie points for this.

They were so determined not to miss anything that we didn’t even have lunch. Kenneth had some beef jerky and we all split that and kept looking while we ate. I did manage to snag a Diet Coke somewhere.

There was no going back to the nice hotel bed because we had had to check out as it was our last day. So I was stuck. But I soldiered on and did the best I could. I was patient, even when my husband got in a discussion and turned down a rock he really wanted cause the lady wouldn’t come down an extra ten dollars. (I wanted to wring his neck).

FINALLY, about four or so, I heard Kenneth say “I think I’m done.” I think both he and my husband had run out of their rock allowance money. I staggered back to the car and got that audiobook on and got home.

I am sore and tired today but I did it. My husband had a lot of fun and he didn’t have to worry about me being alone. I handled it pretty much like a “normal” person. We came home with a plethora of rocks and I got some very nice ones for the grandson.

Can’t wait till next year!


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