Disorders in Alice in Wonderland

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Ever woke up one day wondered, “What psychological disorders do the characters of Alice in Wonderland represent?” Well wonder no more here’s my view on each of the characters.

Please note that I in no way support or allow for the discrimination of persons with psychological disorders. This is merely a satiric piece and it is in no way meant to offend anyone.

  1. Alice- paranoid schizophrenia

It comes as no surprise that the protagonist of Lewis Carol’s masterpieces, appears to be schizophrenic. I mean geez she sees floating cats and talking caterpillars. She also has several violent encounters in this world. The queen of hearts persistently tries to cut off her head. She fights monsters and dragon like creatures. She’s like your modern day anime child or teen. She’s pretty awesome.

We notice that no one in the real world can see this world that Alice experiences. And even though…

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