african sky blue

You probably know how this feels – ‘you’ in this case being both human and intelligent and sensitive. That strange space you stumble into, when you’ve been spending too long in your head.

I have always, always spent too much time in my head. However, I’ve spent less time in it over the last year or so than ever before. I’m still astonished by it and how it feels. So that’s what switching off is like, eh? Whoa … freaky. Books, games, films, photography, embroidery – whatever tunes me out. I’m not gaming now though and in fact, I’m spending less time on my laptop than ever before. I have a clear view of an interesting sky from my stoep, so I spend time at any random time of the day or night, sitting gazing at it in wonder. And of course, the sea is close too.


And tonight the moon is gibbous, the sky is a deep and soft blue with some clouds clouding around. Tis bloody hot. Sweat hot, humid hot. I’m burning citronella incense to ward off the #$¥₩ing mozzies. Whiny little bitches.

This month is a fabulous one for astronomy worldwide – Comet Lovejoy is still visible and five planets will be visible to the naked eye.

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