31 days of bipolar: 12

Do the meme.

12. Who was/is your favourite doctor (any kind) and why?

Happily I have had way more good than bad doctors, but telling you my favourite one is very easy. First place goes to my current psychiatrist (I say things like that the way other people say current job or boyfriend or whatever). After a gap of about three years, we picked up where we left off almost seamlessly. For months afterwards, she stood between me and giving up entirely.

She’s the one who diagnosed bipolar and all its joyous modifiers for me, by the way. She laughs a lot and is open about bipolar running in her family.  She researches a lot and part of any appointment consists of one or both of us saying did you read … She also charges me for shorter appointments than I get and gave me 45mins free when I was too skint to pay. She says stuff like if it’s a choice between medical stuff and shoes, I buy the shoes. I know there’s a shortage of psychiatrists pretty much everywhere, but it’s even shorter here, because there’s no medical school and things are fairly basic around here anyway. So I feel very fortunate to have such a good, kind and on the ball pdoc.


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