Uncle Matt Part #3

Welcome everyone! We’ve got a few new followers, so let’s do some housekeeping. If you are new to the blog, this post is the third part of a post on my half-brother. To get the “full effect” of this story, you may want to go back and read “Uncle Matt” and then “Uncle Matt Part #2.

So we left Uncle Matt at his fancy wedding with no guests. Unbeknownst to all of us, he had something going on the side. Her name was Casey and she was a stripper. Which I have nothing against, other than it demonstrates the variety of women in Uncle Matt’s life.

My mother and heavenly stepdad #5 were living in Vegas at the time, so Matt and Casey wound up going up there. She got pregnant. They came back to town and she had the baby. It was a boy. My brother has been what is known as a total absentee father. He has not seen the child, paid any child support, you get the idea. This “baby” is now 18. I do regret my own illness which kept me so busy I was unable to be a decent aunt to the child. In my defense, however, Casey wanted nothing to do with Matt’s side of the family and never even pursued child support. My own kids contacted this child on Facebook and were greeted with obscenities, so we have laid off.

The next woman was Lisa…an absolute kook. I’m sure she was manic. The first time I met her she swept into our house shouting “GIRLFRIEND, HOW ARE YOU?” She and Matt were not a good mix. More fighting, throwing things, police, and jail time.

After Lisa threw Matt out, he decided to move in with my mother. Remember how my mom laid in bed? Well, she was still doing it and she had found a homeless woman to come in and wait on her. So my brother slept on a roll away in their kitchen, and the ladies each had their own bedroom.

My mother was addicted to pain pills. She once bragged about how she saw six doctors in one day. So of course my brother started stealing her pills and selling them. My mom also gave them away to any neighbors who asked. (She was quite popular at the apartment complex.)

Matt got back together with Lisa and moved out from Mom’s. This time things got more serious when Lisa got drunk and fell off a balcony. She wasn’t seriously hurt, but my brother resisted the cops and he went back to jail.

This might sound a bit rude, but I liked it when Matt was in jail. I knew he wasn’t going to get shot by the cops, and I knew no girlfriend would be calling with the hysterical news that he had hit her. I could send him books in jail and care food packages and money so he could get things at the jail store. It just was a lot of pressure off of me.

So he gets ready to get out on parole. One of his stipulations is that he have some address to go to. Okay, I know this was one of the stupidest things I ever did but I let him move into our guest room downstairs. It was empty and he told us he’d pay rent. He seemed reformed and there were no women in the picture.

He had a job and had to attend anger management classes once per week. These were clear across town so we drove him. He did have a job and was making decent money and actually paid rent…for one month. Then he was riding his bike and fell off and broke his collarbone.

Of course, there went everything. He started drinking. I mean seriously. Everything in our house he could get his hands on (and then blamed it on our kids). He would go to the convenience store at night and get a large soda and fill it up with booze. I had no idea where he was getting his money until I figured it out. Mom.

Mom felt guilty about Matt’s childhood and thought she could make it up to him by giving him money. The wonderful stepdad had died by now and left her with a decent trust. Between that and her Social Security she could live a modest, yet nice life. But Matt got a hold of her. He talked her into getting into her trust and taking money out to give him. She bailed him out many times. My husband tried to stop it, but Mom was an adult and there was little we could do.

We finally threw him out when he hid a meth pipe in the house and told us it was our son’s. After he left, we found out he had been telling our 23 year old daughter all about his sexual exploits.

This gets better.

He runs into a girlfriend he knew in elementary school. Trish. Trish was a dental assistant. There was a little twist here. Both Trish and the dentist she worked for were addicted to nitrous oxide. So they’d go snort it (or whatever you do with it). Then they wouldn’t have any for the patients. Matt moved in with Trish.

My mom got sick and had to leave her caretaker and her apartment. She went into a group home. So Matt, Trish, my husband, and I all had to go and clean out Mom’s apartment. Guess what disappeared before we got there? All of mom’s pain meds, her credit cards, and $400 in cash. I seriously didn’t care. I just wanted this all over with.

The final hurrah which brings us to current times is the kidnapping charge. Matt left his flip-flops at a friend’s house. He asked Trish to take him to get them. (Alcohol was of course involved.) When Trish said forget it, Matt got a knife and waved it at her and got her in the car. Once she got free, she called the cops. Matt went to prison.

He’s been out for about three weeks and has been calling us for money. My husband has told him “no way”.

And there you have it, the story (so far) of Matt.

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