Mobile Apps


Jason Rybka is an app developer from Green Brook, NJ. And Jason has bipolar. His company, Bipolar Daze, is developing a mobile app (currently for iOS8 iPhones) with the needs of the bipolar community in mind. Some of the features Jason plans on including are a social feature, medication log, mood tracker, videos from people with bipolar disorder, pictures and various reference material. He would like his app to send out positive messages to its users daily or every other day. As well, he is considering adding a sleep tracker, a journal function and a chat feature.

At this point Bipolar Daze is still looking for beta testers. If you have an iOS8 iPhone and would like to participate, there is a google group set up for this purpose. The link is here.  

This application is planned to be completed and in app stores by March 15. It will be a free download. This project is Jason’s way of helping people with bipolar disorder cope with every-day challenges. You can reach Jason by email at or his website BipolarDaze

Other apps are currently available. features The Best Bipolar Disorder Apps of 2014. click on the image to go to their website. These apps range in cost from free to $4.99. Most seem to be available for the iPhone but there are a few for Androids as well. They are all different and each one possesses a different set of functions. The variety of features includes moods/emotions, events, treatments, medications, resources/websites, connecting with others, Q&A, symptoms, charts/graphs, email information to doctors, journals, sleep tracking, and back-up ability. Some even give you the option of customizing your app to suit your needs. The whole purpose of a mobile app is to have these bipolar tools at your disposal anywhere you have your smart phone. As many of them are free, it costs you nothing to download a few and try them out. You may find something helpful.

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