Suicide Prevention for Our Military and Veterans


Here is a great post from Kitt O’Malley. Suicides of veterans are a huge concern, as is the plight of veterans in general. Let one of us know what you think.

Originally posted on Kitt O'Malley:

Support our wounded warriors. Support the The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) ActCall your Senators today. Thank you.

To learn more about the life and death of Clay Hunt, watch this 60 Minutes episode in honor of him (transcript of video included): The life and death of Clay Hunt – CBS News

This is the story of one: Clay Hunt from Houston, Texas, a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. After four years of a downward spiral, he took his own life in 2011. You’ll see him in videos during some of his best times and hear him talk about some of his worst. Hunt loved being a Marine and serving his country and though he had been out of the Corps for two years when he died, Clay Hunt was a casualty of war.

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