Wherever I go. I’m still gonna be me.


Awesome hyperbole-and-a-half ish illustrations of the depression trap. Also, “happy” birthday to her. Wtf do we wish depressed people on their birthdays? I usually just avoid humanity on mine.

Originally posted on Depression Darling:

What is Depression? What does it feel like? What is it? Is it anything? They say it’s a condition and even an illness. For the first time, I feel like I can’t actually live like this. If I’m not better in a week then what? That’s what I’m trying to ascertain. There is no alternative. There is no reason to feel this way, yet I still do. No matter how guilty I feel or bitter or jealous that others can do life so much better than me. There is no reason for this. There has been no trauma. Except maybe an existential crises. A geographical question of what next? What now? Now that it has all come to this crescendo? Everything over the last few years has come down to this.

And I can’t escape it. Wherever I go I am still me. You can’t go on holiday from yourself…

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