you liebster me, you really liebster me

I’m not into the awards thing, but I can’t resist questions. Just for a moment, I’m on a red carpet, being interviewed with camera flashes flash and screaming fans scream … uh, maybe I should go take my meds now. Thanks to my blogfriend over at After Midnight for the nomination. (Click that link for a much better version of the liebster award.)


1.If you could be something today,something to make you proud,what would you be?
A French lawyer with sharp cheekbones and a penetrating stare.
2.why did you start blogging?
It was 2001 or 2 or something and I wanted to inflict my truly shitty poems on to the world anonymously. I was emo before emo was emo, maaaaan. I was born emo(tionally stunted).
3.what would make you happy?
I want to say a time travel device, but then we get into a whole bunch of philosophical quandaries. Within the realms of what we so whimsically call reality, nothing right now. Apparently I’m committed to an evil form of snarky depression.
4.what is one thing you can’t live without at the moment?
Air? Okay, my younger dog.
5.the book or the movie?
Book. Without hesitation, always the book. That makes me seem intellectual, right? you have pets? if no, pick one you would like to have.
Two dogs. I would like a dragon and a wombat.
7.share your favorite blog and describe in 3 words why?
I’d hate to even try and choose a WordPress one, so: Bipolar Burble it is. Intelligent, compassionate, interesting.
8.describe yourself in 3 words
All shook up.
9.mountain or sea/ocean?
Both. If you’re holding a gun to my head, sea. Now put the gun away thanks.
10.what you do to relax?
11.favorite scent/perfume?
Er … can I just say citrus and the sea please?


You too can feel like a star, simply by answering the questions on your own blog. This award is awarded for award whining winning work in the field of peaceful, musical science and extreme crochet.

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