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If you’re in the mood for another memoir, here’s Fat, Drunk and Bipolar – I haven’t read it, let me know what it’s like if you do. I might be the only person on earth who isn’t amused by the title btw.

Memoir of a bipolar student – My Body is a Book of Rules by Elissa Washuta (I haven’t read that one either).

And there’s Resilience by Jessie Close (Glenn’s sister). She’s bipolar I, rapid cycling & psychotic & mixed features.

Mental illness is a charnel house from which nobody escapes unscathed.
Roger Cohen – The Battle to Belong

Latest addition to my manic depressive playlist is Daniel Johnston – I Had Lost My Mind – yeah you do know who he is, not only is he bipolar, he also did the cartoon for Kurt’s alien/hi how are you tshirt.


Allegedly manic depressive, try some Byron – if you’re an emo poet and haven’t read him, prepare to loathe yourself a little more.

In 2003, Anna Schuleit’s Bloom addressed the lack of flowers in psychiatric wards. Gorgeous.


Van Damme has come a long way since the first Kickboxer. He was divorced four times, charged with spousal abuse, and addicted to cocaine before his diagnosis of “rapid-cycling bipolar.” He now has the disorder under control. Van Damme explained: “You just have to take a little salt [the drug sodium valproate], and since I’m doing that it’s, like, BOOM! In one week, I felt it kick in. All the commotion around me, all the water around me, moving left and right around me, became like a lake.”

“It’s slippery slope, sometimes you don’t think you need any meds at all, and you forget your meds. Then all of a sudden, you get on a real ride.”
Michael Douglas re Catherine Zeta Jones

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