The Shred of a Shed

In Wales a few years back, looking up old companions...

In Wales a few years back, looking up old companions

 “People bother me. I come here to hide from them.” – George Bernard Shaw

I have the beginning of a writer’s shed. Not a rotating summerhouse on a stick, like GBS. Nor even the DIY bits ‘n bats of lumber from B & Q, or Ikea.

For Christmas, our friends Sue and Mark gave us a present, shown at the bottom of this post. Little could they realise that they had sent the core around which to construct a dream: a writing shed.

The Guardian article linked to above is great, but does leave out two important details:

1. As already hinted at, GBS’ shed rotated, following the course of the sun over his garden, so that Shaw could make full use of natural daylight. Smart.

2. Shaw’s shed had a sign which read “London”, thus enabling Charlotte to tell unwanted and /or ill-timed visitors that her husband had “gone to London”.

My first project for my shed is to buy or better still make a sign which reads “Town”. Sure, I could ask my husband to tell people that I’m not around because I’m travelling through time, and space. However, our friends are creative, not high on strange plant life, or gullibility.

The Doctor is "in". Owl Bag is out.

The Doctor is “in”. Owl Bag is out.

Currently, my shed masquerades mainly as an alcove. Sometimes, it takes the form of a table. Including a fold down one in the garden  during the warmer months, when the weather gods aren’t busy greening GreenandPleasantland.

With a writing shed, I could enjoy the garden, free from any concerns about getting my notebook, or laptop, wet. Rain also has a bad habit of diluting one’s tea, and making one’s biscuits soggy.

Tea and biscuits are, of course, an essential part of a writer’s life. This is why the shed will need at least two power points: one for charging my computer, and the second for the kettle. I will also require a tin, for keeping the biscuits fresh.

Unlike Shaw, who was bothered by fans, I am untroubled in that department. I do possess one fan letter. There is probably also a short list of people who wouldn’t mind slapping me, but either can’t be bothered, or are too polite to do so.

I don’t think that counts as a following.

A Christmas gift, 2015: thanks, guys!

Christmas gift, 2015: thanks, guys!

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