Lost It…..

It’s happening again. I lost it.My meds got changed and I have lost my sense of memory and focus. A bipolar friend of mine is spell-checking and editing this so it makes good sense.

I love being in this in-between world. I load up the slow cooker for dinner, but forget some ingredients and to turn it on.lostI decide to listen to my audiobook by John Grisham and that is a mess. I try to do my devotionals and just can’t stick with it.

I don’t dare drive. So I am a little homebound unless my husband takes me. Which is fine. I like the couch okay. I have a dog snoring here as we speak. I am sorry that every sentence in this post starts with “I”.

Church didn’t happen yesterday. I stayed home and watched two football games of teams I didn’t even care about. Today is my women’s support group. No way. And I was going to see the young girl I mentor (she has bipolar.) Tomorrow I know I talk to my therapist. I can call in if I can’t go.

Tonight is a football game my husband says. Ohio vs. Oregon. I was born in Ohio, so I guess I should root for the Buckeyes. I like football, but only our local team. And they are now out of the playoffs.

I think this is about all I can write right now. I have so much I wanted to do on here. I want(ed) to finish my Blogging 101 University. I am learning a ton on there. I want to finish up the last part of Uncle Matt. I wanted to brag a little on my recovery. And maybe get into my Mom. Along with all the other good stuff that comes up along the way.

be back soon,


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