At last, an article about the bipolar brain that has some information that looks useful.
The tl;dr is: differences in the cerebellum are found in bipolar people – except those taking lithium. (Iowa)

New Melbourne-based research, however, has found sufferers have reduced ability to recognise emotions in other people’s faces.
why people with bipolar disorder don’t always see how you feel

They’re not sleeping pills, they’re Prescription Headrests


Now this is a sleeping pill.


Another variation of a sad trope, Man accused of throwing daughter off bridge had bipolar disorder. (Florida) Hey that’s no way to cure bipolar!

“Blu Matter Project wants to lift people out of depression… one sweaty yoga mat at a time,”
Organization Provides Yogic Liaison for People with Bipolar and Depression (Toronto)

A new bopolar memoir (Edmonton):
From the desert sands of Southern California to the dark hallways of a mental hospital in his home town, Leif Gregersen strives and survives all the worst life can throw at him. In the groundbreaking work, “Inching Back To Sane”, this renowned author shows us what it really is like to lose what is most precious to all of us-our mind.
That’s from the press release, so no clue whether it’s any good. Foul adware on page too.

Through the Fire: The Story of an Intersexed, Bipolar Queer Kid Who Rocks MP3 FULL (3.25 MB) – Deonna Kelli Sayed. It doesn’t mention the bipolar.

More audio: the mind of a hypomanic a bipolar journey through sound. (Finally, something about bipolar ii.)

Using math to describe bipolar (you can download the research paper the article is based on too.)


The Bipolar Blues – a short film by the Wellcome Trust – a good intro to what it’s like to be us.

Stone Temple Pilots – Bi-polar Bear (latest addition to my YouTube bipolar playlist.)
Bipolar Ball – Wrecking Ball parody by Sarah Moore.

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