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Kiss Me First describes how Leila, an awkward, computer-obsessed young woman, agrees to help a bipolar thirtysomething called Tess kill herself without detection by impersonating her online.Lottie Moggach

Leader notices interesting manic depressive traits: non-violence in sufferers who otherwise appear to be raging, a curious empathy and generosity, social and verbal dexterity in mania and a concomitant disintegration in the ensuing depression. Strictly Bipolar – Darian Leader.
Jennifer Niven’s ‘All the Bright Places’ Is a Rare Novel That Gets Mental Health Issues So, So Right. (A YA novel.)

At last, an interpretation of bipolar that has more than two faces (and no polar bears). This is Bipolar by J FLoRian Dunn of Phoenix, AZ.


Stephen Fry’s Best Quotes
Robot Chicken – Bi-polar Bipolar Bi Polar Bear
Knives in My Throat: Documentary About a Black Woman – bipolar disorder & suicidal ideation

Downtown Strut – Bipolar
Charlene Soraia – Bipolar
Freestyle Rap – Bipolar
Jitta on the Track – Bipolar

“I have manic depression. I obsess over everything,” Pete Wentz
“I have a bipolar personality, I’m my own worst enemy. I have devils inside that fight me.”  Phil Spector 
“I’ve had an awful lot of highs and they were great. But the price I’ve paid for them is pretty tough to accept and I’m not — I can’t pay that price anymore.” Margot Kidder
I flirt with not taking it — but I’m not stupid, because every time I’ve gone off the medication, I’ve had a breakdown.” Maurice Bernard


I am not sure what the rainbow is for, since it only shows some states. Any ideas? Pity they didn’t call it bipolarainbow though. BaDUMtshhh.

Longreads: not bipolarish at all.
the itch nobody can scratch
the end of night
“Some people want me to be this warm and fuzzy person. All filled with friendly hermit wisdom. Just spouting off fortune-cookie lines from my hermit home.”
the strange and curious case of the last true hermit

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