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I know I’m depressed when I wear the same clothes so long, they dissolve.” Tc Castelli


Lord Stephen of Fry, the patron saint of bipolar affective disorder (pause for applause) is getting married. Awwwwwww yay.

Successful and Schizophrenic – Elyn R. Saks
Deconstructing schizophrenia among Australia’s First People – Paul Brown
Panic, bipolar and the blind professionals – Paul Brown.
Dyane’s feature @ DBSA – fellow blogger
Childhood Guilt, Adult Depression? – Jenny Chen


Bipolar Disorder in Popular Media (09:07)
Baring it all: how I lost my “self” dating someone with bipolar disorder. (34:10) – girl-on-girl misery … start at around the 12 min mark if you get bored with her explaining why she made the video. Actually don’t watch it lol. It’s not actually overly negative in ways you’d expect, it’s just so up its own ass. Briefly amusing, but I only made it to 21 mins before dying of boredom.
Up/Down (1:23:23) – documentary (2011) Early on they hit the streets to get people’s perceptions of bipolar (lol) “they get angry, then they get happy, then they get medication.” “They’re a pain in the ass to live with.” “It’s a split personality kinda thing guess.” Of course there are sensible ones too, but they’re no fun to share with you. Tis a decent documentary (bipolar primer), mostly conversations with bipolar people; watch/share with confidence. Did you know that native Americans used lithium springs for treatment?
Maria Bamford – Crazy Meds (12:10) I wasn’t blown away – comedian chats and jokes about her bipolar, and pimps

Different bodies respond differently to different medication; finding the magic potion is pretty much hit-and-miss. This seems obvious, even simplistic, but it’s the only consistently true fact in treating mental illness.
Elyn R. Saks – The Center Cannot Hold

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