Blogging 101: Dear Best Friend

Okay, so Blogging 101 has us writing to an important person for this round. Here I go: it’s my best friend.

Dear Best Friend:

When we met online, things were pretty crazy. I was coming down from a manic high and you were accepting of me just the way I was. I miss you.

When we met in person, it was as if we had known each other forever. I miss you.

When we had a “spa” day, I loved hanging out with you and getting pampered all day. I miss you.

When we got crazy over two singers, and flew across the country to see their concerts, I had one of the best weeks of my life. I miss you.

When we went to Vegas and people tried to pick us up, we laughed pretty hard. I miss you.

When I decided I had another best friend, I made you cry. I miss you.

When I went in the hospital after I crashed, I cried. I miss you.

When I laid in bed two years, depressed and lonely, I was so sad. I miss you.

When we got in contact again, I was excited. I miss you.

Now we are friends again, but we don’t have the time we did. I miss you.

I miss you.


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