Blogging 101

typewriterOkay, so you are the luckiest people in the blogosphere. I have decided to take a “Blogging 101″ class through I am looking for ways to spruce up my blog and be a bit more techno savvy. My 23 year old is tired of hearing me moan.

So these will be little posts thrown in among my longer posts. Here are the first questions:

1) Who am I and why am I here? I am a 55 year old woman who has been diagnosed with bipolar 2 for about 30 years. I am trying to dig my way back to recovery using a variety of methods, including writing.

2) Why blog publicly, instead of a journal? My hands shake quite a bit from my meds and typing is much better for me than handwriting. My blog is still “somewhat” anonymous…no one from my “real” life reads it except one friend. I like the interaction with readers that I get from my blog. And I hope that something I write rings a bell and is supportive to another person with mental illness.

3) What topics will I write about? I write mostly about things from my every day life. Nothing too exciting, just the day to day journey of a random person with bipolar.

4) Who would I like to connect with via my blog? Anyone! I’ve had all kinds of people read and talk to me about my blog and it’s been great. Most of my readers are mental health patients or relatives and friends of patients, but I’ve had photographers, poets, and just random people on my blog. I’ve learned a lot from other blogs. Blogs are great!

5) If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what will I hope to have accomplished? I would like to have my number of followers and views up and most importantly, more interaction and comments from my readers. I’d also love to be totally adept at using wordpress and having my blog be a thing of beauty.

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