My New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I’m setting realistic goals for myself. I’m really focusing on self care and just being kinder to myself. I’m not going to beat myself up for the 5 extra pounds my bipolar medications have helped me put on, instead I am going to focus on what I like, rather than what I don’t. So, here are a few goals/resolutions I have:

  • Go to therapy more regularly. This is an absolute must and if this is the only thing I accomplish, I am completely ok with that,
  • Start exercising again. Depression makes me not want to do anything, as does my very physical job, but I feel that slowly easing back into either pilates or yoga will help my stress levels. So I am setting a goal of exercising two days a week.
  • expand my crafting skills. I already do a lot, between jewelry making, furniture refinishing, wreath making, sewing, painting and crocheting, but I love to learn new things. This year, I am determined to finally nail knitting as well as complete one new project every 3 months.
  • learn to say no. This is something we all have trouble with I think. I let myself get guilted into doing things I really have no desire to do. This year, I resolve to say no more.

Do you make resolutions? If you suffer from a mental illness, do you modify your resolutions as a result? Please share in the comments!

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