linkdump: a book, a sad thing, a calendar

Happy new year, are you still bipolar? I’m sorry … Don’t forget to take your meds, k? It’s 2015 by the Gregorian calendar and here isn’t the news …


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Bipolar Disorder for Dummies – I’m not going to review it, beyond saying that if you haven’t already come across it (and I reckon most of you have), you should. You should probably hand it around the way we used to with joints. Har har. It’s informative and accessible. It’s kinda like an owner’s manual or one of those down wit da kidz textbooks.

It sounds rather desirable here (read it in a Barry White voice):


Mhmmmmm thass what I’m talkin’ about babyyy … *shuffles off back to the shipwreck*

This is the sad part.

I’d be very interested in your thoughts on this next one. Usually when bipolar and shooting are mentioned in the same sentence, the news report is either about a bipolar person shooting somebody, or a policeman shooting a bipolar person. This one is very different.

Tragically, Mark Lavoie shot his wife Kathy who was in critical care and on a respirator at the time. I couldn’t find out why she was in hospital, does anyone know? He said he was guilty of putting her there by dialling 911, so I assume it was a suicide attempt? This is one of the earliest and least sensationalist articles about it. After shooting Kathy, Mark turned the gun on himself; they are both dead. ‘My baby was trying to escape the bi-polar demons that have been swirling around in her brain since childhood … ‘ he wrote in a Facebook post, where he also predicted it would be ruled a murder-suicide, when it was a double suicide. He wrote his will and last wishes there too. The post was published just before he went to the hospital. ‘Though a difficult subject I hope my family whom I love dearly can make some sense of what I’m doing though unless you have dealt directly with mental illness (it) will be difficult,’ he wrote, and his sister called the shootings an act of love. Poor everyone involved, it’s way past sad.

2015 Bipolar Calendar

It’s the 17th Annual Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders in Toronto this year. It aims to provide ‘a world class platform for clinicians and scientists to present, discuss, and trade expertise in the most rapidly evolving area of psychiatry, bipolar disorders.’ It’s on June 3-6, we’ll have to keep an eye out for their findings etc then.

Bipolar UK is having a one day conference on 7 March for laypeople. The theme is ‘Bipolar: Mind and Body’ and there’ll be workshops on nutrition, physical wellbeing, mindfulness and pregnancy.

You can attend the The 2015 Ed Hornick Memorial Lecture and Award: “Recognizing Bipolar Disorder in Young Adults and Late Adolescents: A Subtle Science” – Maria A. Oquendo, M.D. on 27 January in New York.

The Australian Society for Bipolar & Depressive Disorders are having a conference in November and details will be at the above link once they’ve finalised things.

The Annual Meeting of the International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity takes place in Lisbon, with a theme of ‘Optimising Therapy’. 26-28 April.

The International Bipolar Foundation will be hosting the 2015 Gala – Behind the Mask: Changing the Game of Stigma. It’s on May 9 and I’m getting really bored with making this list.

Anyway, I think I’ve covered the major ones. Fuckall happening in SA of course – there isn’t much of a bipolar support etc network here and what there is doesn’t extend very far. I figure I can piss and whine here, because most of you won’t make it all the way past that list. And hopefully people will assume I’m cheerful or some bollocks like that. It’s lunchtime and I haven’t had breakfast. Bye.

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