New Year’s


Happy New Year – or maybe it’s not so happy at all. I get that.

Last year I turned 50 – quite the milestone. New Year’s can be a time for taking stock of your life. What happened in 2014 that is worth remembering and what does 2015 hold? Sometimes single events have a way of over-shadowing your whole year. And sometimes they warrant that. But sh*t happens and somehow life goes on. I made a lot of headway in 2014. Despite a setback, I managed to forge ahead on my path to wellness and discover a world outside my home.

Beware of the pressure to create a traditional New Year’s resolutions. For many people, such resolutions are not worthy. They can be unrealistic, overwhelming and unattainable. If it’s important to you to resolve something for the new year, chose just one thing. Make it simple and positive. Remember that baby steps will take you a long way. Be aware of your lifestyle. Those of us with bipolar disorder find keeping a healthy routine incredibly important. Perhaps you could focus on an aspect of that.

Rather than the traditional resolution, you could choose a mantra to recite to yourself each day, or select something to be grateful for and remember it frequently. It’s important to note that despite what happened in 2014 you made it through. If things went well, maybe your resolution should be to maintain status quo. There are new possibilities out there. Just be open to them. Welcome to 2015.

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