Feeling better

The meds are working. I’m not in an episode anymore and I’m more motivated.

I had a decent Christmas. My brother was being a dick to my mom, and I felt terrible for her. She’s given him and I the world and doesn’t deserve to be treated badly by anyone. I love my mom with all my heart and I hate to see her upset.

I got some decent Christmas loot. There’s a smartwatch in the mail coming for me, some Cindwood looms for knitting – the best knitting looms out there, a onesie with stars (they are SO damn warm and comfy) and a pair of really cool boots that I can wear with dressy clothes, and they will not see the barn. I needed non-muck boots.

My roommate got me little horse figures and chocolate. I got her a Breyer horse, the Horse of the Year (Appendix Quarterhorse). It won’t be here until Jan 5th at the latest, though. My brother and SIL got me a Chapters gift card and I bought a journal “642 Things to Write About”. We had a non-traditional Christmas dinner, my mom made homemade pizza, and damn it was good.

It’s been weird out. It’s 11C today, about 50 F. Weird weather. We were supposed to have a white Christmas, but it was windy and warm instead. Weird. Last year my dad got called in for 4am and my mom had us opening presents at 3am, before he went to work! She loooves Christmas.

I’ve been a bit nauseous lately. Ugh. I just took some gravol.

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