December 7th


I want to introduce you to a blog I follow.

In diagnostic limbo somewhere from BD to SZ, Elizabeth transcribes the voices she hears, without commentary. It’s a very interesting blog, more so once you’ve been following it for a while. I get voices in psychosis way, way less than she does and I find myself having all sorts of intellectual and sometimes emotional responses to her posts. Their posts.

I’d be very interested to hear from my blog friends with DID, whether there’s any similarities between the way Elizabeth’s voices interact, and the way your alters do. Any of the rest of my brethren-in-psychosis (*rolls eyes at self*) experience multiple voices?

Thank you.

Originally posted on Bipolar to Schizophrenia:

she doesn’t like us
she hates us
she made tea
it is steeping
she can’t use the spell check
it won’t work
we are watching castle
her dad is sleeping
her mom is upstairs reading
she is in the dining room
tell her what you do
this is her thought process
tell her
we pick her thoughts and then say them before she gets them
tell her
it just started working
the spell check
it is fixed
everything is right
with the world
she thinks too much
she does
i do
she does
her tea is in the kitchen
these are her subconscious thoughts
she can’t spell
i am going to say it until she admits it
this is easy
this is not hard
she doesn’t care the order she writes something down in
i just said something
i want to mess her up
she just missed n

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