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A Confluence, by Bani Amor, is about mania, a sudden whim to head for Montreal, queerness … a very nice read indeed.

Basing their research on Greek and Roman texts, Islamic scholars, including Ibnu Sina, had continued the research and identified and classified several mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and a host of other disorders. – letter by a bipolar man in Malaysia about the process of getting aid.

Not laid, aid! You perverts.

Bipolar superheroes: Mimic, Giant-Man & Genii (Marvel)

Some crap from
Practically every hero has had to suffer from or is enduring some kind of mental illness, dealing in the field of super heroing.
Bipolar disorder: reacting in varying ways towards people regarding your mental state
(Every hero that puts on a mask and has fallen into their masked persona, pulling away from reality and not cleaning up after their super pets. They have laws, you know)


Stuff I haven’t watched/read yet:
The Superhero Bipolar Squad (part 1 of ?).
The Tick (90s cartoon).
Polarity: a bipolar story. (Comic.)


This image is from there.

Next! Something positive! Yay!

“I really think that my bipolar diagnosis was one of the best things that could have happened to me,” she said. “It put so much of what I had struggled with in my life up to that point in perspective. It put me in a position of power to understand and control my mental illness, instead of it controlling me.”
Nancy Remley, Comedian

(I’m guessing bipolar ii.)

Old school website, cool content: a complete history of bipolar disorder. Best breakdown (lol) I’ve read thus far.


Bipolar memes are frequently offensive, not these:
fuck yeah bipolar owl – bipolar owl memes and Q&A about bipolar. You can ask anonymous questions there too. make your own here
fuck yeah bipolar bear – another bipolar meme by a bipolar person.
soft bipolar bear meme generator
I made the grumpy cat on on a meme generator. You should make some too. Yes, you.

Stop me, before I blog again.

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