Anxiety blows

Well, I took some tylenol with codeine earlier, it also has caffeine, and now I’m physically anxious, but not so much mentally. I took 1mg clonazepam (Klonopin) about an hour ago and its lessened it a bit.

Fucking caffeine. My shoulder was KILLING me, so I took the tylenol 1’s (which are OTC in Canada) I also ate, which brought it down a bit.

Tomorrow I’m going to my parents to celebrate Christmas. We’re opening presents on the 25th and having a homemade pizza dinner. Take that, turkey!

Other than the random anxiety, I’m doing well. Got out to the barn a few times. Sully threw a shoe, so he can’t be ridden for a bit. I’ve been riding Stinky, the 4 year old Thorouhbred stallion and Rain (“the baby”) a 3 1/2 year old leopard appaloosa. I miss Sully.

The horses out in one paddock got attacked by a neighbours dog. 3 horses are lame, and many others flip out when they hear the dogs. They got chased around the outdoor ring, and 2 got bit. It’s sad.

We got donkey back, because donkeys are protectors and keep dogs and coyotes away, believe it or not. Her name is Belle, and she’s just over a year old. We haven’t heard any barking since we got her back. She’s so cute. I know my roommate missed her a lot, we weren’t going to get her back until April, but now we have Belle back.The circmstances around it suck, though.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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