Longread Linkdump ii

epinephrine and cortisol and dopamine, oh boy

why some people respond to stress by falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzzz …
fuck you anxiety, both my middle fingers are up!
forced lobotomies for wwii soldiers with ptsd (USA)
how to land your kid in therapy (written by a therapist)
my life in therapy (by a patient)


a conversation with allie brosh (hyperbole and a half)

reddit ama with allie brosh – some really cool random stuff as well as serious answers.

“The best thing I can say is don’t try to fix it for them. That can be hard because it’s natural to want to help, but clinical depression doesn’t really have a reason behind it or a clear solution, and all the helpful advice almost makes the depressed person feel pressured to pretend they feel better so they don’t frustrate the people trying to help them.” (Allie Brosh)

Almost? (Blahpolar)

stuff at a slight tangent:

nonagenerian says it’s silly to be frightened of death but dying is another matter.


blue 52: the loneliest whale in the world


what makes us happy?

Longreads are love. They’re quiet spaces in the infostorm. Also, better writing and content.

Happy solstice, if that’s your thing and enjoy the longest or shortest day of the year, depending  on what hemisphere you’re in.

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