Reading, Roundup & Righteous Indignation

We’re not gods, we’re just people, but we have such vision and drive as to make us seem otherworldly. We have technology like fairy tales have magic.
Simon Morden(The Petrovitch Trilogy)


Trigger warnings: suicide, snark, sibilance. And a baffling amount of my little ponies. Ffs.

Today I used both pubmed and hubmed to see which I preferred. Hubmed’s aim is to offer easier searches, which they do, but c’mon, we spend enough of our lives around psych and med stuff. We can do it. Also, it usually takes fewer clicks on pubmed to get from search results page to full text than it does on hubmed. Either way, either site is a good place to find peer reviewed info.

Remember Lil’ Kim calling K. Michelle a prozac popping bipolar bitch? This was the reply:


Impairments of working memory in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: the effect of history of psychotic symptoms and different aspects of cognitive task demands
In summary, measuring different aspects of Working Memory allows observation of between group differences in cognitive performance among Bipolar and Schizophrenia patients. These differences may depend on the patients’ history of psychosis rather than a categorical diagnostic group defined by current diagnostic systems.

tl;dr: yes memory is impaired to varying extents.

Although psychiatric illness is known to be associated with significantly elevated rates of suicide (Tanney, 1992), remarkably little research exists describing treatments that effectively reduce risk of future suicidal behavior (Comtois & Linehan, 2006). source


Because big bad pharma wouldn’t profit? (I hate drug companies, but I am certainly not anti psychiatry, anti meds, or anti dote.

Natasha Tracy on 3 things people with bipolar disorder want for xmas.

Because we increase understanding and decrease prejudice and discrimination one conversation at a time.

Next time I’m manic, remind me to start a Natasha Tracy fan club, I think I link to her/quote her at least once a week.

Apparently exercise is a double edged sword for us. Well, so are sunlight, food, meds, social interaction, life … why should exercise be any different?

In one of those ‘water is wet’ style bits of research, apparently a multifaceted intervention helps people with bipolar disorder lose weight. In a tragically unpaid bit of logic, I’m here to tell you that a multifaceted interventions helps everybody lose weight.

“[O]ur results do provide a modest level of optimism regarding the possibility of improving the health status of individuals with bipolar disorder.”


Ever wondered why people like having sex with artists? It’s only rude about bipolar in the very last line.

Aaand Time Mag with why a wandering mind can be an asset. Phew.

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