Sister Maria Euthymia

pertaining to a normal mood in which the range of emotions is neither depressed nor highly elevated.
Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.


I did an image search for euthymia and got a page full of nuns. Well, a nun, numerous times. She nursed prisoners of war and defied the nazis by giving equal care, no matter what nationality the patient was. (source)

I had intended to explore the concept of euthymia and how to achieve it (wtf would someone who apparently had continuous cycling bipolar since childhood know about it), but then … ooh look, a butterfly.


The next quote is tangential, but I like it. Google translate isn’t very good at German, obviously the sentence structure fries its brain:

One who knows in Rwanda as in his waistcoat pocket, which is the country and the friendly people closely connected, Bernhard Tenckhoff is.

Don’t google 25 year old blocked pore.


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