It’s a Wrap!

presentsFirst off, dear readers, don’t forget we have to come up with a question for me to answer in a post. Like anything. No one has any questions about my life?

I figure part of the problem is that I have blabbed so much you probably feel like you know all about me. Which is true. There is not a whole lot I have not shared. But I know you are creative folks and after all it is Christmas. Someone can give me the gift of a question for me to answer. I just can’t flunk out of this online blogging course. LOL.

Well, today is a depressive day. I am on the couch and hanging out. I have ordered Christmas pies and done some texting. I have argued with my daughter. I have had two cups of coffee. I have bemoaned the fact that I am too fat. So all is merry, bright, and normal on the couch.

I have some things I am “supposed” to do today. One of them is writing this blog entry, so that is good. I think I can do that. There’s plenty around here to talk about. So let’s hit it.

First off, this will be the two weeks from hell coming up. My son and daughter are off work/ school and will be around the house. My daughter can be mouthy and my son gets bored. My job is to be cheerful, ignore their moods, and produce dinner every night. This keeps the peace. I don’t dare say what I think about anything.

Hey, good news! You might remember my two sons are in college. Well, their semester grades were really great. My oldest had four A’s and two A-‘s. My younger son had 3 A’s and 2 B’s. These grades are really good for a couple of kids who literally hated school the whole way through and are lazy and not academically inclined. I was relieved about their grades, because all their Dad does is moan about the cost of college and I knew I’d really hear about it if their grades were bad. So it buys me another semester of peace.

My nephew Jack had a nice college graduation. You all would have been proud of me. I did the whole thing…sat through it and went to my sister-in-law’s after and had cake and ice cream. I could tell they all appreciated it.

Anyway, today I need to get off my butt and I am trying to figure out how to avoid doing that. One thing on my list is going to my neighborhood Wal-Mart to buy stuff for my husband’s Christmas stocking.

My husband has always done all of our stockings, so I feel I owe it to him to do a decent job on his. I can usually wander Wal-Mart and pick up plenty of stuff to fill it up. But today I am on the couch, unshowered. Not that that should matter. Our local Wal-Mart is a disaster. You literally cannot be underdressed. I could wander over right now with my dirty hair and nightgown and I doubt anyone would look twice. It’s just a weird group of people. The good news is I can always go tomorrow. But that’s Saturday and it will be worse. But who cares? I have time to wait in line.

I also need to wrap gifts. If there is one thing I hate doing…next to showering….it is wrapping gifts. The last couple of years I have purchased packages of Christmas bags and boxes to make it easier. Throw the gift in, throw tissue on top, and you are done. But I had better get moving. Because we only have so many of these bags and boxes. And I want to hog them all before everyone else in the family gets there. I am such a slug.

I’ve organized food for Christmas.  For Christmas Eve, we are having chili and cornbread. For Christmas morning, orange pecan French toast. For Christmas dinner, deviled eggs, tomato/mozzarella salad, ham, peas, twice baked potatoes, rolls, and pie. I think we will have a mere eight for dinner. Whew! compared to Thanksgiving.

So back to showering…you will love this story. We are in our weekly bipolar support group and someone asks if anyone else has ever been down in bed (or on the couch) a lot while depressed. Of course I raise my hand along with quite a few others. Then someone asks if anyone else has a problem with showering. Several of us raise our hands. Someone asks how long people go between showers. I am thinking what I should admit to. I think the longest I have gone is about five days. Which is a little embarrassing but not shocking I think. So the guy across from me says six WEEKS! I almost laughed. He said he just kept putting deodorant on and no one said anything. This really cracked me up and made me feel a lot better. Amazing what support groups can do.

Just to brag a little…I had a friend tell me this week that I was “such a loving soul”. I thought that was nice.

So the big plan for today:

-get up and get dinner in the slow cooker

-get upstairs and get my gifts in the bags and boxes

-get a shower so I can maybe hit Wal-Mart in the morning

-do my devotionals

I hope all of you are having a decent time this week before Christmas. I know it is stressful, lonely, and confusing to try to meet everything. Not to mention crazy relatives. Speaking of which, my half-brother got out of prison two days ago. Now there’s a story for ya!



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