The Party’s Over!

cake 002Well, it’s Monday and I am happily on my couch with my legs propped up. Yesterday was quite a marathon!

I love how when guests come over they always say…”OMG, your house looks so clean! How do you do it?” Little do they know it normally looks like a marching band just went through. Our house is normally fairly CLEAN but the kitchen and den and our bedroom get pretty darned messy.

We started the clean up yesterday with the “divide and conquer” strategy. My son and husband did the kitchen, my daughter did the den, and I had the guest bath. (I got lucky.) It really wasn’t too bad. We had ditched church as I was worried about being too tired to get everything in so we had some time. I got a shower! and found something decent and comfortable to wear. I even found some jewelry to put on which I never do because I am always too depressed and lazy.

There were some bright spots in the preparations. One was this liquor store which is part of a large chain and about two miles away. I did NOT feel like going booze shopping in the middle of holiday crowds but I felt guilty about sending my husband alone. He isn’t a drinker and really hates liquor stores. All we needed anyway was a case of cheap champagne and some red wine. So I get on their website and lo and behold, you can shop right there, pay with your credit card, and go pick it up in ONE hour. I looked over all the cheap champagnes and found a nice cheap red wine I had had before. My husband was in and out of there in five minutes. Now that’s service!

Another good thing was the grocery store. I had ordered some party platters of sandwiches, fruit, etc. We also needed a ton of ice. But guess what? I did not feel like going on this exciting trip either. Miraculously, our son announced he had a friend arriving shortly who would be glad to go and help pick everything up.

We had a ton of people. I think it was somewhere around 65. They came and went so they weren’t all there at once, but there was one time where it was darned crowded. And we even had people out on the back patio in the cold. We started at 3 and bang the doorbell rang promptly and didn’t stop. Amazingly enough, everyone was gone right at 7.

I have a good friend Lynne, that I bake with. She made that cake in the picture as a little Christmas gift for me. It had raspberry filling and was pretty darned good. We also had several people bring desserts. We ate up all the sandwiches but did have some desserts left. I sent all this home with various people. It worked out.

I have a young friend who is 19 and she is short on cash. So I asked her to come and wash dishes at the party. I got out all the good china, crystal, and silverware, and she washed and dried as we went. We just kept recycling clean dishes. We could have used paper, but honestly, when can you use your good stuff if not at a holiday party?

The decorations looked good and got lots of compliments. Two people asked my husband if we had it professionally decorated. Boy, is that ever a laugh! (I should have stopped these folks and pointed out all of the garage sale purchases we had made over the past year.) But especially when it got dark, everything just looked so pretty. It was such a good and easy time to have a party. With all the decorations up, no one noticed the crummy end table or the weird lamp or the odd cat hair ball.

If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll love this part. Guess who showed up? Lori! Remember her? The one who got the ax off my friend list? Apparently my husband invited her husband at the poker party which was fine by me. I really didn’t think they’d show. But they do, and she gives me this hard hug and tells me how much she has missed me and when can we get together? Really weird. So I said “Oh anytime…looking forward to it”…you know sort of casual. This morning I get a text from her saying what a great party it was and how she wants to see me soon. Go figure. A Christmas miracle.

My bipolar group facilitator and his wife came. He asked what he should tell people when they asked him how he knew me. I said “tell them the truth”. Most of my friends know I am bipolar and the rest can go eat cake. He actually got into a conversation with a couple whose son is seriously and dangerously (in my opinion) depressed. It’s amazing how things come together sometimes.

My legs hurt today. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Tonight is nephew Jack’s graduation from college. He’s had one full week (five days) of chemo so far. He looks very puffy around the jaw line. He came and hung out at the party which I have to give him credit for. He was at poker the other night and apparently got sick and had to leave. This is going to be a long road. I am so thankful again that college is all wrapped up for him now. So if you are the praying type, offer one up for Jack.

I am taking this VERY casual online blogging seminar. We just got a new assignment. We are to write an entry based on a question from a reader. Now I wasn’t too sure about this. You guys can be awfully quiet at times. But if anyone wants to put a question in the comments section, I’ll be excited. Maybe something about taking meds or seeing doctors? Or times I was in the hospital? Or crazy manic or depressed stuff I did? Or how being a parent was? Or how being a child was? Or why I don’t get my ass off the couch more? Or anything to do with anything? I’m flexible.

hugs to you guys,


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