Living Bipolar by Landon Sessions

The book introduces itself as an accountant of experiences and aims to be a users manuel. The intro also talks about how bipolar moods change from minute to minute. Whut? 2014 it says on the frontispiece and yet he quotes the DSM IV throughout. Self publishing has a lot to answer for.

Apparently the author is an FAU Sociology graduate student (Source.). I’m telling you so that you can avoid studying there if you’re in the USA. I’m not griping about his spelling, just his lack of an editor. And here he is with a big smile and his two books.

The writing is sloppy and full of tautology; it is also heavily sprinkled with quotes. Even the tragically unedited accounts by bipolar individuals and their loved ones, are peppered with quotes. There is good stuff, but you will need tweezers to get at it. It’s typo city too.

On the plus side:
It’s free.
There’s a decent interview with a psychiatrist.
First person accounts.
It isn’t all about bipolar 1, 2 gets some limelight for a change.
It’s not as bad as the last bipolar smashwords freebie I read.

The pluses are not enough. There are so many better books and blogs to read to get information and first person accounts. Read it if you can stand reading first drafts without wanting to throw … eh nevermind.


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