Bipolar Polypolar Roundup

(Posting frequency due to mixed state.) (It’s ok, I have chocolate.)

Geodon fatal side effect – 6 cases, 0 deaths. And may I remind you that many, many drugs have at least one scary but rare side effect. Like this one.  And Lamotrigine can (hardly ever does, but it can) cause the fatal Stevens-Johnsons rash – but so can some antibiotics. Moral of the story: don’t effing well panic. And if you get blisters or similar inside your mouth, eyes and other places pimples fear to go; go directly to ER, where they will swiftly save you.

People keep getting shocked about this stuff ZOMG NOOOOOOO WTF ANTI-DEPRESSANTS CAN MAKE U SUICIDAL ERMAHGERRRRD! Just read the fucking insert willya? Also deploy google and forums before having conniptions*.


I keep seeing posts about ‘straightjackets.’ Wikipedia is talking rubbish, it’s spelled straitjacket. Strait means tight or narrow. Straight just means uptight. I kid, I kid! I retract the heterophobia and offer you a nice soothing cup of tea.

Bipolar & Broke?

Anyone used Needymeds? It’s for Americans who either need help affording meds, or who want to help others afford their meds.

Then there’s Just Another Lab Rat where you can volunteer for clinical trials and suchlike.
I read a very scathing article a while back, claiming that companies who run clinical trials of psych meds abuse and exploit the homeless. As with everything, caveat emptor, erm … even if you’re the one getting paid.

Bipolar American who ‘defected’ to North Korea
Dunno about you, but I refuse to even ponder whether this should make us question his sanity till we get stats on a whole bunch more ‘defectors’. Being sent to a psychiatric unit is certainly insufficient evidence. The article said he was ‘paraded in front of press,’ by which they meant there was a press conference.

In his comments to reporters, Martinez strongly criticised the US for alleged human rights violations and its attempt at forcing imperialist influence and domination on other countries, North Korea’s state news agency KCNA said in an article released with the footage.

Psycheducation is old and old school. I like it, you might too. I found the following graphic there, which illustrates just how inaccurate the term bipolar is. Hence the post title. Yup, I’m running out of titles.



* conniption
nounNORTH AMERICANinformal
plural noun: conniptions
a fit of rage or hysterics.
“his client was having conniptions on the phone”
mid 19th century: probably an invented word.

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