To the guardians and the caretakers


Brilliant. (I have some vacancies btw.)

Originally posted on Tear Lines:

With all the admiration and thanks that I can muster, this is a gesture of thanks aimed at our guardian angels, our caretakers: those understanding, non-judgmental, and gentle people who stick by those of us who are mentally ill regardless of how hard things get.


This for the people–whether they be family, friends, lovers, or stranger–who are willing to say, “It’s okay, I love you.  I accept you.  I will take care of you.  I will protect you.”


This is for the people who are dragged through hurt and continue to say, “Do not worry, it wasn’t you.”  For those who are harmed by the things we say and do, and continue to fight the urge to judge; to instead choose to feel hurt, but to process those emotions through logical thoughts, knowing we try hard not to say or do hurtful things, but sometimes they happen no matter how…

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