This article I found on police, and an update

I found this article and was shocked to see that up to 75% of arrests and police using force were on mentally ill people.

I read about a man who called a crisis line because he was suicidal, they sent police, and they shot him. The irony is disgusting.

Police are shooting 12 year olds, fatally, and this has to stop. In Iceland, they don’t even carry guns, and have only ever fatally shot one person, in which the officers had to go to grief counselling and apologize to the family. They were very shocked at what they had done.

In the US, it seems like something they just do. Using excessive force on people that don’t need it. Seriously, sneaking into a movie theatre is grounds for arrest and that kind of force? WOW.

In Canada, it’s a bit better. I’m Canadian. But there’s still police brutality and its disgusting.

If crisis teams were sent to the homes of those that are suicidal, that would make life a lot easier on everyone. Why is it always “shoot to kill”? In my opinion, they could shoot, but not an immediate kill. Just down the person a bit. That’s in a circumstance where the other person is pointing a gun at you. People shouldn’t be shot for nothing, or treated brutally.

It makes me sick sometimes. A 12 year old child, shot to death. He didn’t make the smartest choices in brandishing a real lookalike gun, but to kill the kid? WTF!

Well, I’m feeling better. I went riding yesterday and am going tomorrow, after therapy. I can only do the basics right now because I was off for so long, but Sully is a good boy and is looking really good. Don’t think I’m going to be competing this winter. The barn we go to already had one show, and now Sully and I are out of shape. I was off 3 weeks.. Depression, snow and spraining my good shoulder did that. I feel much better now.

My pharmacy didn’t fuck up my prescription today, that makes me happy.

And this is for everyone. I love RuPaul, and she’s amazing. At the end of every RuPaul’s Drag Race episode this is said.


Can I get an amen in here?

Let the music play!

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