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A free e-book, starring good ole manic depression … I’ve just downloaded it.

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Not a funny post. Just a straightforward one.

It’s that Christmasy time of year…the time when everyone is focused on their shopping and family and friends – which is good! But it’s also a stressful time of year (this year) for our buddy Asher. Since his incarceration, he’s been fighting for his appeals….his final appeal at the federal level is mid February (ironically, on my wedding anniversary. I can’t help but hope that the shared date is a sign from the universe that things will go well!!) Anyways, the clock is ticking.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Can you hear it???

He still needs to figure out if his parents are going to be able to help him hire an attorney (or if it’s going to be worth it) – we’ve been talking to one that seems very optimistic about his case, whereas the state appointed attorney couldn’t care less (shocker).


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