Saw pdoc today – emergency appt

So I broke down in therapy yesterday and my gender tdoc called my pdoc’s office and got me an appointment for today.

I told him I’ve been heading straight downhill since starting the Gabapentin. He asked if I wanted to be admitted to the hospital as a psychiatric inpatient. I declined, saying I wasn’t that bad, but if I got worse, I would. He agreed.

I’m tapering off the Gabapentin now, my Wellbutrin is at 300mg and Seroquel is 200mg and going up. I see him next on the 18th.

I see my gender tdoc tomorrow and my normal, new, tdoc next Thursday.

I also picked up Vitamin D3 and Omega 3-6-9 to help with my mood. It can’t hurt, can it?

I felt better waking up today because I knew I had the appt and he’d do something.

I’m currently on:

Piportil depot, 75mg injection every 2 weeks. It crushes the psychosis. I haven’t been psychotic for a while. Jan 31 marks one year on it. I’ve gotten akathasia on it, but that’s about it. My next shot is this Friday.

Artane for side effects, mainly akathasia, which got worse with the Piportil increase, 5mg in the am, 5mg in the pm. It helps.

Wellbutrin, 300mg, for depression, in the morning

Seroquel 200mg to be increased, as a mood stabilizer/sleep aid.

Clonazepam 0.5mg in the morning, 0.5mg in the afternoon, 1mg at night

Ritalin, 30mg, 20mg in the morning, 10mg in the afternoon, for the “crash”.

So hopefully this works out.

I was manic a month ago and now look at me. Ugh.

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