Santa Baby

Pictures 121Pictures 116Pictures 122santaExcuse the blurry header. I am working on that. As my friends and family will tell you, I am really technologically challenged. This blog is pretty anonymous so none of them (except one) read it. I seriously think the rest of them think I am lying when I say I write a blog. They don’t think I know how to type on the computer. (They’re sort of correct.)

So it is November 30th and I am exhausted. Woke up about 3 am with a migraine and took an Imitrex. So I now have that Imitrex “high”. Decided not to go to church as the Imitrex high often causes me to want to lie down wherever I am. And the pews might look very tempting. We do have our Christmas Angel gifts all ready but they aren’t due till next Sunday. So we are under control there.

Thanksgiving. Whew! We wound up with 17 eaters and 2 more who blew in late for food and dessert. The table looked great. I mean it looked like something you’d see in a magazine. (Well, I thought so anyway.) This was all thanks to garage sales and deep discounts at Hobby Lobby. The food was also good. My brother-in-law made short work of carving the turkey. My husband said a nice prayer. And the conversation was good. The kids actually helped. I got up after dinner and started on the dishes and the kids dried. I washed most everything but the serving dishes which I filled to soak. My dearest middle son did the silverware. And my husband happily entertained the guests in the living room with trivia games, etc.

I never made it to the trivia games. I took off my shoes during the dishes and when I finished my part I plopped down in the den. A few people wandered in and we had some good chats. I think everyone had a good time.

I collapsed in bed that night with some mess still in the kitchen. I figured…no problem…we can finish that in the morning. It wasn’t dirty dishes, just a few pans soaking and some stuff strewn around. Plus, we had the tables and chairs to take down.

The kicker to all this is that I had made arrangements for two good friends, Dianna and Arlene, to come over at one to help decorate the house for Christmas. So my husband and I and wonderful middle son got up and got to work on the kitchen. Daughter and other son wandered in to help also. (They were good helpers but were missing the holiday spirit. Well, so was I at this point.) We FINALLY got that kitchen done and the guys got to work on Christmas.

Step one for Christmas at our house involved moving a hoard of containers from the garage to the entry. Somewhere in there is our tree. It’s a big tree as we have a pretty tall ceiling right where it goes. I like to put it right in front in the big window so people can see it when they drive by. (I always like looking at other trees in windows. I get a big kick out of that.) So my boys put the tree up and we starting fluffing up those smashed branches. And that was all we needed to do before our help arrived.

And arrive they did. Both of them have downsized into apartments in the last year or two so they don’t decorate much. Fortified with mimosas and the Christmas radio channel, they have a good time at my house. Dianna provides the artistic eye, while Arlene and I provide the labor.

Yes, my bipolar self was getting tired at this point. But not depressed a bit. That was nice.

So Dianna decides we are going with a Christmas red, green, silver, gold, and white color scheme. No blues, purples, pinks, or limes, etc. unless they were handmade ornaments made by the kids. I can’t tell you how good it felt to weed all these weird colors out. I plopped them in a box and am giving them away. I even threw some in there that were just plain ugly. And the tree looks spectacular! We added white and red poinsettias in the branches and some “picks” of different things. (I hope to get a pic of the tree on here….maybe will ask one of my techno kids how.) The tree isn’t quite like those fancy ones you see in stores but for the money we spent on it, it looks darn good. (Again, lots of garage sale stuff.)

Dianna also opened all the containers and put up all of the wreaths and nativity sets and houses and all the little junk. We tried to stay with the Christmas reds and greens but this was harder as there was more sentimental stuff floating around. I did give a pile away that was burgundy, blue, or teal. These colors are all great, but I have to admit it looks a lot better when you stick with a color theme. Prior to this my house looked like a “bad potpourri of color”. (This from my youngest son.)

The last stop was wiring the heavy garland on the banisters. This looks just fantastic. Really nice. The ladies left and my husband took over with putting all of the empty containers away. He and my youngest also started putting lights out front.

Now we just put lights on bushes and around trees, etc. To crawl up on our roof is a major thing. But the guys did a nice job. The whole thing looks tasteful.

The rooms in the house all need a good pick up and sweeping. Lots of fake pine needles, extension cords, old newspaper, etc. But I am incredibly relieved the tree and lights are up. I feel like I am ahead of the game. If I feel crappy from here on in, at least it looks like I made a great effort.

Hopefully, Santa will stop by.

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