New Psychiatrist

Anxiety high, I met my new psychiatrist for the first time. My previous psychiatrist (Dr. M) had accepted a position out of town and had therefore referred me to another psychiatrist, Dr. G. You see, I had become quite comfortable. I had been with Dr. M for seven years – a long time in this field. And not only that, I liked him. I really liked him. We had built quite a rapport. He was one of the good ones. The one that encourages you to call if there’s a problem. The one who takes considerable time with you at every appointment. The one who even brings in your husband and talks to him periodically and as needed. He was not only my psychiatrist, but he was also more like a therapist – a rarity to be found. A real gem.

Enter Dr. G. I had heard many horror stories about psychiatrists. How most of them just ask you the standard questions, give you five minutes of their time, and show you on your way packing a prescription. What if Dr. G was like that? How would I adjust? How would I cope? What would I do? It had taken me five months to get an appointment with Dr. G. (Dr. M had left me with six months worth of repeats on my prescriptions.)

Anxiety reduced – I instantly liked him. I’m not sure why, but he had a likeable way about him and showed me respect. He had my file from Dr. M and had already reviewed it. Having said that he began to take his own personal and medical history of me. He was thorough. He reviewed my prescription history and we talked about medications in length. I expressed concern over one drug and he agreed to start reducing the dosage with a mind to discontinuing it. We spent an hour together. He, too, encouraged me to call if I needed him before my next appointment. Time will tell, but overall, I think I’ve hit it lucky again.

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