Wishes are hoarse

He was attired in striped silk pajamas. A matching robe was laid out on an armchair. How had he gotten that heavy chair up to the roof? Ah, well, in the manic phase nothing was impossible.
Carol O’Connell

If I could change some things about how I got my diagnosis …

The clinical psychologists who said I don’t like to pathologise would have stfu and referred me to a psychiatrist.
I would have taken the 6 month state psych hospital stay I was offered about 14 years ago.
The GP who tried to talk me out of a psychiatric referral a few years ago would be summarily shot.
Somebody at some point between 1996 and earlier than this year, would have suggested to me that the stuff I was seeing and hearing wasn’t normal and was probably psychosis.
There would be a lot more time and gravitas involved in telling me I’m bipolar.
I’d have been warned about the grief and identity issues.

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