Tufts University Study Of Bipolar IN Order

I read about the pilot study on a forum. I probably won’t participate, because a fellow South African said that the video meetings made it difficult. And Tom Wootton is anti meds, which always seems idiotic to me, considering the physical ramifications. And i am a curmudgeon. Let me know what it’s like if you do it, or if you already did the pilot.


“Tufts University has already completed a pilot study of our Bipolar IN Order Live Online Education Program and they are now looking for 750 participants for a full study. The full live online course is anonymous and free (usually $399.95) for those who participate in the study including a year of weekly support meetings and the online forum.

The pilot study has already proven the effectiveness of the program and we are confident that we can help you produce the same results for free during the study. Tufts said we get better results than any other option and you can help us prove it in your own life. Please visit our home page for a description of the program that we will be using in the study.

The study starts in January and we are gathering those who are interested in preparation for the launch. Please sign up right away and the researchers will contact you when it is time to start.”

Read this alternative viewpoint too.

“Buddha I believe would take medication for a chronic condition”

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