Bipolar Roundup: Sarcasmatron Edition

More proof of the decline and fall of western civilisation follows …

“In no other area of health care would we tolerate the escalation of an illness to its crisis point – and then punish the patient for having it in the first place. That’s because, in every other area of health care, we have the humanity and decency to push the notion of prevention, early diagnosis and adequate care.”
Mental illness a monumental prison problem

In contrast to articles like this upper middle class one that state cheerfully that bipolar is completely manageable, the next article is an eye opener of note.

“She said she took a gun, unloaded it and set it down in front of him. She told her son if he really wanted to kill himself to get it over with. She told him to do it outside so as not to make a mess.”
Mom testifies she warned that Covington was bipolar

What the fuck is the answer? That without money, you’re basically fucked? What did Mr Covington need? How is his family ever gonna be ok?

Bipolar celebrities continue to underwhelm completely. Amanda Byrne bitches about her parents, Rene Russo says another teeny handful of words about the disorder, Dolores o’Riordan has a meltdown on a plane, Kirsty MacNicholl doesn’t say any words about bipolar. As per usual, nobody says anything unrelated to their own fame and advocacy continues to be about combating stigma, rather than useful stuff like oh, say, better diagnostics and treatment. Assholes.

Have you seen the Dualities bipolar photo project thingy yet? I dig the motivation. I think the result is a leeeetle simplistic, but a good starting point for dialogue nonetheless.

Every bipolar news roundup is basically the same. Murder (bipolar people murdering people, cops killing bipolar people), missing people, mice and genetics, another song by Bipolar Sunshine and plenty of celebrity wank. And every week, researchers prove yet again that water is wet, by discovering that it’s better to take your meds, get diagnosed early etc.

Extreme mood swings may indicate Bipolar Disorder …

WHAT?! Oh my sweet bipolar baby jebus on a CORNFLAKE! Give the man a Nobel.

This one is slightly better than most, because although it fails to deliver any new facts, it presents some important ones neatly and was cool enough to go to Cappadocia to do so.

What else …

App’s novel approach to mood disorders: Real-world rewards

Blah blah blah eh?

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