Still in a mixed episode, saw my pdoc today.

I saw my pdoc today. I don’t think he’s taking me as seriously as things are. He put me on 150mg Wellbutrin, for negative symptoms, and now I’m on 300mg of Gabapentin.

Hopefully this helps end it.

I’m so sick of this fucking episode. I’m going up the wall with irritation and frustration. I can’t do anything for very long, I get so frustrated so easily. One thing goes wrong, fuck it. I have been knitting though.

We got nailed with 2 feet of snow yesterday. I left an hour early for my pdoc appointment because I had to get the snow off my car and was worried the roads would be bad.

I knit 2 hats today. Whoopdi-do. I haven’t been riding in a while. It’s too cold, it’s too snowy to drive out there, I haven’t had the drive. Hopefully the Wellbutrin helps. Everything just sucks lately.

I’m down under 100lbs again. Fuck. I can’t keep weight on.

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