Good News (Very Routine)!

Somehow, I’m still chugging along on NaNoWriMo. I made my way into the NaNo chatrooms and that’s somehow helping me get more writing done? It’s sort of counterintuitive, but whatever works. And I’m still having a lot of fun with it even though I’m not sure where I’m going. Heck, I’m probably having fun for that reason!

I’m starting to become a bigger pain in the husband’s side though. He said that yesterday especially I was way zoned out and making my angry thinking face. We agreed that my ADHD is probably a bit worse, and especially since getting back into NaNo. Whups. I told him I’d try a little harder to pay attention to him, because I love him and don’t want to give him the cold shoulder/angry face.

Anyways, looping around — I just got back from my first psych appointment in months. The last one was in July, right after the baby was born. We covered basic ground — how my OCD is a bit worse (though not particularly detrimental to my health), how my mood is mainly fine, no ups or downs of note, and of course, that the ADHD not being taken care of or diagnosed continues to be a problem in my estimation. We decided to not up my meds for now, and she gave a few suggestions to try to try and counteract brain fog. I don’t know that I can actually take my Seroquel any earlier without risking completely falling asleep at like, 8pm, but I’m willing to tinker. The other was to eat more salad for assorted reasons, which while not a bad idea… I don’t really have a large appetite and I’d like to eat more in a day than salad!

She plans on trying to find out more about getting my ADHD diagnosed/looked at, which is exciting. I don’t know that I’ll trust it until something happens, but like I said — I know that at least one med for the disorder gives me a ridiculous amount of functionality, so I’d yanno… like to have some more of that please and thank you. But for the most part, we’re all on the page that things are doing well enough, and let’s not rush to up my meds quiiiite yet. She reminded me that if I did it a bad patch, that I can contact her/the ER/etc and get my meds adjusted, but since I’m still fine enough, let’s leave well enough as-is. Fine by me. It was nice to discuss it, whatever the case.

It’s been rather quiet lately, it seems. Do a lot of you dears have issues with seasonal affective disorder, or? I hope everyone out there is doing alright.


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